by Dom Wiseman

A few clicks on mazu allows you to either instantly share your newly discovered location with your fishing buddies or hide it from them and keep the magic all for yourself. mazu announced the launch of their innovative Sport Fishing app this week. The app provides critical information on weather and sea conditions but also in-app connectivity with its industry first innovative function mazuChat.

Using the Iridium satellite network, the mazu Sport Fishing app links with mazu’s m2500 hardware offering superior functionality that offers a reliable service, even when outside of mobile coverage. The mazuChat function allows you to communicate well offshore with other sports fishermen, sharing information via a private and reliable connection.

Product manager at mazu, Craig Myers said, “we are very excited about the wealth of powerful capabilities our new app brings to those with a passion for offshore fishing. Designed to help anglers of all levels maximize their time on the water, mazu SportFishing delivers real-time, actionable data in an easy to understand format, on a convenient mobile platform.” mazu has cut through the complexity of offshore navigation. The mazu Sport Fishing app is your source of truth for the most up to date weather information.

The app provides sea surface temperature (SST) reports, chlorophyll data, altimetry, seven-day GRIB forecasts, live buoy data and NOAA weather alerts. Anglers can now, with the convenience of an app, identify fish heavy waters, immediately overlay SST satellite images or look at temperature breaks and assess water clarity. The mazu Sport Fishing app is also your safety companion, offering a 24/7 worldwide search and rescue service. With SOS activation, vessel details and location are immediately sent to rescue services. Sold as a bundled package, the mazu m2500 is used in conjunction with the Sport Fishing app and everything required is provided for a quick installation; ISI-2000 communications hub, a compact IGT-2100 smart antenna with a 30-foot digital cable, and an illuminated keypad with message waiting indicator and SOS emergency buttons.