by Steve Lague

Mercury is offering its ground-breaking active trim technology as part of a free technology upgrade package worth more than $1500 on its range of 75-115hp four-stroke outboards until April 21, 2017.

Anyone purchasing four-stroke outboard in this power range from, a participating dealer will also receive Mercury’s VesselView 502 taking the value of its incentive to $1541.

The new VesselView502 has a 5-inch (127mm) display screen with and a multi-touch interface which can show data for up to four engines and is capable of interfacing with broadband sonar with CHIRP, DownScan imaging, and a full-featured chart plotter.

Equipped with a Micro SD card slot on the back of the unit for installing Maps plus gauge updates, it also comes with internal high-speed 10 Hz GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and is GoFree cloud-enabled.

It not only eliminates the need for any additional engine gauges but eliminates the need to buy an additional multi-function display screen.

Mercury’s Active Trim system automatically and effortlessly trims an engine or engines without any input required from the skipper. Not only does it make boating easier and more fun it also improves engine performance and cuts fuel costs.

Active trim

With a patented integrated GPS-based control system, Active Trim takes into account both the boat’s speed and engine rpm when deciding on the ideal trim position. It adjust the trim so fast it can be used on high-performance boats as well as family runabouts.

The latest generation of Mercury four-stroke outboards are also lighter and more powerful than the previous generation. According to Mercury they also accelerate better, get boats onto a plane faster, and provide optimal fuel efficiency at cruising speed.

Mercury engineers have also ensured these engines so they are significantly quieter and smoother.

They are all also available in Command Thrust format, which has a larger gear case and gear case torpedo as well as a bigger-diameter propeller. The additional leverage and control makes them ideal for lifting heavier boats onto the plane more easily and holding it there at lower speeds.

For those looking for a twin engine set up the Mercury 115hp four-stroke outboard is also available in counter-rotating format.

You can learn more about the special offer here or by visiting your nearest participating Mercury dealer.