by Dom Wiseman

If resilience is the word, the over 500 anglers of all ages who endured the conditions to enjoy the 2017 Club Marine Trailer Boat Fishing Tournament fit the definition perfectly. You can’t control the weather though.

Its time to get the boat together and do the annual crew overhaul & service for the 2018 Club Marine Trailer Boat Fishing Tournament. This is the 25thAnniversary & the dates are 23, 24, 25 March.

After last year, the organiser assure us that we will see perfect conditions this year. The locals have also released some kingfish into the area recently. We’ve got some top prizes coming and sponsors will be introduced in detail over the next few weeks.


In 2017 Mathew Godfrey convincingly won the prestigious Senior crown on 23 points from 2x past winner Paul Lennon on 14 points. Displaying skill across a variety of species, Mathew won points for Cobia, Mulloway, Snapper, Teraglin, and Tuna.

Stand out catches included Mathew Godfrey’s 17.723 Kg Cobia & 8.288 Kg Snapper, Rowan Thursby’s 2.275 Kg drummer, Garrie Harris’ 4.148Kg flathead, Ben Doolan’s 11.302 Kg kingfish, James McKinnnon’s 0.692 Kg luderick, Paul Lennon’s 30.778 Kg Mulloway (also a Shoal Bay Fishing Club record), and Shane Scott’s 22.603 Kg tuna. Senior species prizes included 3M Marine boat care packs, Mako sunglassesShimano tackleClub Marine Insurance vouchers, and Rock Oil.

To encourage early entries the organisers will be running a weekly lucky draw prize and offering competitors some great prizes just for entering. Your name stays in each draw so the earlier you enter the more chances you have of winning. Prizes to be picked up at the tournament. This offer ends on 12th March.

This is one of the most popular competitions on the east coast and caters for both individuals and families. The Port Stephens area is a large coastal town with accommodation options for all budgets. The organisers do a great job of having that information on their website to make it easy for any entrant.

You can enter online here