by Dom Wiseman

Modern boat designs are designed in most cases to show smooth flowing lines and an ultra-clean profile. With that in mind, owners looking to maintain that streamlined look have had limited options when it comes to the bow lights. Accon Marine have solved that with a new LED bow light.


The new Pop-Up LED Bow Lights from Accon Marine retract flush into the deck to preserve a boat’s good looks, ensure there are no tripping hazards while providing the dependability of LED construction.

The only Pop-Up LED bow lights on the market, the 210-M and 211-M from Accon Marine are constructed from durable marine-grade 316 stainless steel for exceptional corrosion resistance.

The 210-M offers a compact 109mm L x 102mm W footprint and installs easily, requiring only a drill with a 89mm hole saw and three #10 stainless steel screws. There is a video to help you with the process.

A stud-mount version, model 210-MS, has no visible screw heads.

With its 135mm L x 89mm W base, the Accon 211-M Pop-Up Bow Light fits the same cut-out hole as the company’s non-LED 204-M model for an easy, direct upgrade. There is a step-by-step installation video. It’s also available in a stud-mount configuration.

Optional waterproofing cups for Accon Marine lights prevent runoff below deck. Both the 210-M and 211-M Pop-Up LED Bow Lights enhance the style and safety of any boat with their flush-deck design and extended USCG range.

These products are available from Accon Marine in the U.S