by Dom Wiseman

A drink in hand fits perfectly as the breeze whips through your hair and the sun kisses your face as you plane along. Perhaps you are sharing a bottle of wine between friends in a secret bay, or the kids are enjoying a refreshment after some serious fun on the water. The reality of drinks on boats is often not always romantic and drama free. The wind knocks a wine glass, the kids kick a drink that has been placed on the deck, the beverages slosh and spill around the boat creating mess and havoc.

Accon Marine’s Adjustable Drink Holder eliminates these problems by providing boaters with a safe and spill free solution for all kinds of beverages. From a wine bottle to a fragile long-stem wine glass, all of your refreshments fit nicely into one of the ready-made cup holder spots.

With super easy installation, Accon Marine’s versatile drink holder requires just two #10 screws. There are no cut outs to be made to your vessel, as the base mounts straight to the surface. Made from gleaming 316 stainless steel, Accon Marine’s Adjustable Drink Holder extends 63.5 mm vertically and has arm spans from 57 mm to 102 mm.

Accon Marine’s Adjustable Drink Holder can be easily removed and stored away when not in use. Its quick-release base allows it to be swiveled to suit your needs or popped off and tucked away for another day.

Accon Marine is a family owned and operated company that has been in the marine industry for over 30 years, manufacturing a broad array of innovative flush-mount deck hardware. The creation of the Pop-UpĀ® Cleat changed the game in the boating industry. With a focus on customer satisfaction and quality manufacturing, Accon Marine provide an outstanding service and contribution to the marine industry.