by Dom Wiseman

Inspired by adventurous spirits across the globe, designed for explorers, CRN has unveiled its brand new concept, AlfaRosso, designed in conjunction with the innovative design company Francesco Paszkowski Design.

CRN’s new explorer yacht will be the ultimate playground for devoted explorers worldwide. Available in three lengths – 45, 50 and 55 metres, with a gross tonnage from 499GT for the 45m model, the Alfarosso concept has been designed to discover far reaching places and satisfy the adventurer spirit. With strong lines and a plethora of luxury touches, the Alfarosso concept is the perfect blend of enduring spirit and luxurious comfort.

A displacement yacht, designed to enjoy a variety of environments, the Alfarosso concept has a clean, distinctive style. The attention to detail is remarkable, with the beautiful craftsmanship carrying through from the interiors, to the multitude of outdoor areas. The hull is well defined, and her lines are sharp and clean, gliding through the water with grace and precision.

The stern, lower-deck, and main-deck areas share a singular design. These areas have been designed to allow guests to relish in luxury and feel at one with their natural environment.  With a pool on the main deck, extensive terraces and floor to ceiling windows, guests will enjoy uninterrupted, panoramic views across the water.

Teak wood will be primarily used throughout both the indoor and outdoor areas, giving the vessel a classic and luxurious feel. Steel handrails will be installed in place of traditional gunwales, complementing the teak wood and giving all spaces an air of elegance. Open-step stairs link the different decks, giving guests the impression that they are at one with the open sea. By minimising barriers within the vessel, explorers and adventurers alike will appreciate the direct contact with their surrounding environment.

The Alfarosso concept, from CRN and Francesco Paszkowski Design, is an authentic example of innovation and pushes the boundaries, exploring what is possible for the future of the luxury yacht experience.