by Steve Lague

Less than 12 months after Australian Master Marine (AMM) launched its off-road trailer range it has upped the ante with the introduction of an Extra Heavy Duty series – a range it says is even more robust than the existing Off Road models.

It seems that after giving AMM customers access to fishing grounds they had not previously been able to access they now want to push the boundaries even further in their quest for pristine fishing grounds.

The Extra Heavy Duty series have added features like fully independent trailing arms suspension mounted on 16mm thick alloy location plates, two Gabriel heavy duty shock absorbers per wheel; a four bag Cruisemaster adjustable air suspension system, massive 285/75/16 tyres on alloy rims, a Hitchmaster DO45 all terrain drop-on coupling which allows the trailer to articulate at radical angles and a 6mm thick heavy duty box section main frame.

The air suspension system, which replaces the more traditional axles, enables the ground clearance to be adjusted by up to 80mm.

According to AMM Director, Mathew Barton Thomas, the added features have made the latest trailer range “near-bullet proof”.

He said every upright supporting the hull had also been individually measured, cut and welded into place to ensure the boat was perfectly cradled in the trailer with no chance of it jumping or moving, even in the roughest terrain.


AMM 2All extra heavy duty trailers will be custom-made for the boat they are carrying to reduce the likelihood of damage to the hull when travelling in extreme situations.

“The Extra Heavy Duty is like an off-road trailer on steroids – it boasts immense strength to tackle the harshest of conditions,” Mr Barton Thomas said.

“It is a significant step up in capability from our heavy Duty Off Road range of boat trailers.”

The first trailer completed to the new Extra Heavy Duty Off Road design specifications is for a 7.0m AMM Centre Console, for an owner who obviously has plans for some very serious off road and beach towing.

The trailer has been fitted with an on-board air compressor for inflating tyres after coming up off the beach and the air bag suspension. It also has the optional fully automated on-board water supply system (it was also previously available on the heavy duty range). The high flow wash down system uses spray heads mated to a timer as well as an on-board 100-litre fresh water reservoir that enables you to set the timer so that it washes down the brakes, suspension and frame after launching or retrieving the boat. It means for those times you take the boat away for extended trips the trailer is not left covered in salt while you are away.

It also has two spare wheels, one with its own stub axle and bearings so it can be used as an extra large dolly wheel for those times the trailer needs to be extracted from difficult situations.

A swing-aside draw bar extension that adds 3.0m of extra space behind the vehicle’s tow bar, electric and manual winch systems and an automatic launch and retrieve system round out the additional features added to the trailer. All the additional features have also added a lot of extra weight to the trailer. A standard AMM trailer for a 7.0m centre console weighs 750kg. The custom extra heavy-duty trailer weighs 1200kg.

More information on the AMM trailers can be found on their website.