by Dom Wiseman

When it’s time for your outboard motor to be serviced, the ASR-Panther is the latest Automatic Service Reminder (ASR) model, designed to send you a friendly reminder and keep things running smoothly.

The ASR-Panther is a gauge that can be fitted to any and all engines, both new and second hand models. Once fitted and activated, the gauge commences countdown, clocking the months or hours that your engine is in operation. The waterproof device can be set to track a 12-month period or set to track the hours of use up to 99 hours. The hours of use setting, functions by sensing the vibrations of the running motor.

Once activated, the waterproof gauge will count down months or hours of operation giving users the option to set a service interval of, for example, 12 months. Alternatively, you could set the gauge to track running hours up to a total of 99 hours. The hours of operation counter functions by sensing the vibrations of the running motor. You can monitor the data at any time and check the remaining months or hours until your alert is due to go off. Once you have reached your alert setting, the ASR-Panther flashes a red light, indicating that your engine service is due.

The ASR-Panther has been designed to be easy-use and disposable. There is no wiring or external battery necessary. The gauge can be placed anywhere on the outboard, inside or outside. Once the alert has been given, you replace your ASR-Panther with a new counter. The gauge is designed with 3M padded tape for fixing which can be easily twisted off, without leaving a mark.

Just to simplify the process even further, the ASR-Panther can be personalised and branded with your business logo and contact details. This way, you’ll remember who to contact when service time comes around.