by Dom Wiseman

BLA Distribution have recently included LightArmor Fast Action navigation lights from Attwood to their collection. The new navigation lights are a new line of Bi-Colour and All-Round lights that have been designed to meet global regulatory requirements, with their premium LED light engine technology. LightArmor’s technology raises the bar on safety and performance on navigation lighting in Australia.

Attwood Round AnchorThe LightArmor collection use a composite pole, which offers unmatched flexibility, impact resistance and durability. Designed with anglers in mind, Attwood’s LightArmor Fast Action navigation lights are made to bend and have been designed with an impact-resistant polycarbonate lens. The navigation lights will take on whatever obstacles you throw at them, allowing anglers to confidently move through those ‘fishing gold’, hard to reach places.


The poles have a glare-free black matte finish, which allows the lights to subtly complement any boat. LightArmor fast action navigation lights are built with only the best materials and promise lasting durability and performance. The LED light engines last for approximately 50,000 hours and hold a ten year warranty.

The LightArmor navigation lights are IP67 certified water resistant and both corrosion and UV resistant. The All-Round lights feature an articulating head that adjusts 15° fore to 15° aft. For safety and simplicity, the Bi-Colour lights feature tell-tale indicator lights to show when your lights are switched on.

With a range of plug-in bases available, the entire lighting fitting has been designed for premium performance, styling, and durability.

Attwood LightArmor Fast Action Navigation Lights are a friend you can’t afford to not have onboard.