by Dom Wiseman

The first Aviara model from US boat builder MasterCraft Boat Holdings was launched at the Miami International Boat Show this week, officially making its grand entrance into the day boat market.

Aviara is the new and much anticipated luxury day-boat brand from renowned US brand MasterCraft. Introducing their first model in the much awaited range in Miami, the new 32ft AV32 model has been officially unveiled to the swelling crowds at the International Boat Show. They will be coming to although timing has not been determined.

MasterCraft heeded the call of boat owners and boat lovers alike, performing a market study that strongly indicated that a new day-boat brand was desired. The new range was conceived wholly in-house and was a successful collaboration between the company’s executive leadership, engineering, manufacturing and brand building teams.

In what has been an exciting weekend for Mastercraft, the luxury day boat category continues to transform and grow, with the Aviara range at the forefront of both innovation and service. The range caters to a niche market, growing at an exciting pace.

“We’re thrilled to introduce Aviara and add yet another premium brand to MasterCraft Boat Holdings’ portfolio,” said Terry McNew, president and CEO of MasterCraft Boat Holdings. “The luxury day boat category is a growing segment that complements our existing product portfolio. With Aviara, we’re excited to expand in the segment with a long-term focus.

“Beyond the industry-leading product innovation and quality we’re bringing to the luxury day boat segment, Aviara will also deliver an unparalleled customer experience through one of the nation’s most premier and expansive distribution networks.”

The new day-boat range will be exclusively focused on vessels 30-feet and over. All vessels will be manufactured at MasterCraft’s facility in Vonore, Tennessee. Models will be available with both sterndrive and outboard propulsion options and will feature Ilmore sterndrive engines and Mercury outboards as well as Klipsch audio systems.