by Dom Wiseman

Baja Designs have just released a new Angled Flush Mount Light which will be available in two configurations: Sport and Pro. These new angled lights are designed to mount to any flat surface. They produce an output of 2,260 lumens for the Sport and 4,900 for the Pro version.

Included in each package is a mockup template and hardware created to make installing the lights as easy as possible. A 3/8-inch hole will be drilled into the top of the surface where the light will be mounted for the power cord while two 1/4-inch holes will be drilled at the bottom for the mounting screws. Once the holes have been drilled, simply feed the power cord through the top hole and use the supplied connector to attach to the light.  A standard feature included with the Sport and Pro Angled Flush Mounts is Baja Designs’ Work/Scene 120-degree reflector which disperses a large round pattern in the near field. Close range work spaces benefit from the near field lighting.

“There are a lot of individuals and companies who need close range lights for their work, and we’re proud to provide a high-quality solution to those individuals,” said Chris Fortunato, Marketing Manager for Baja Designs. “Industrial, commercial and agricultural vehicles need near field lighting as the work often requires working into the night. Our Angled Flush Mount Lights are bright enough and long-lasting to help them get the work done.”

A rubber O-ring gasket is provided in order to ensure that the seal between the light and the mounting surface stays tight and does not allow moisture to enter.