by Dom Wiseman

Barcrusher have been producing leading aluminium hulls for years with a proven offshore pedigree. Their 490C and 535C are two models that have been hugely popular due to their versatility and small size and easy storage.


That storage also just got easier with a new folding targa rocket launcher. The new rocket launcher is available in two styles, one with an integrated bimini (as shown) and one without. Barcrusher also claim that the design, using aluminium tubes and bracing, is stronger than most other designs providing a secure place to hold onto in tough conditions.

Bar_Crusher_folding_targa-2The targa is quick and easy to fold down and combines with the ability to fold down the toughened glass windscreen to lower the height of the vessel by up to one metre. This means it is well within height for most garage storage situations.

The new targa tower isĀ a smart useful design with ample height for most users while the optional bimini reduces the effects of the harsh sun and is an option I would most certainly tick the box on.

Both the 490C and 535C are built on the Gen2 hull with Delta Flare. It is a tough deep vee build with offshore capability courtesy of the hulls ability to slice through waves. It also features Barcrusher’s sub-floor construction delivering maximum hull strength. Their Quickflow water ballast technology is also onboard and allows a void in the hull to flood with water at rest lowering the water line depth and increasing stability.

The 490C and 535C are perfect entry level cabin designs with a small and manageable footprint for a family. A bonus is that they can also be towed with a family sedan. They areĀ versatile family boats with a definite slant toward the keen fisherman. Both models fall into the sub $50K category and come factory packaged on a custom trailer.