by Dom Wiseman

BLA Distribution are Australasia’s largest supplier of Boating, Lifestyle and Adventure products, distributing to over 3,500 international businesses. Established since 1974, BLA Distribution pride themselves on product excellence, superior industry knowledge and top service, which is why they have recently added HydroTab interceptor-style trim tabs, by Olympic Engineering, to their quality range of products.

The concept behind Hydrotab trim tabs was to achieve the greatest optimisation of vessel control. In rough seas and challenging conditions, the Hydrotab trim tabs were designed to provide greater control and stability, allowing you to successfully navigate through difficult waters. The engineers behind the system have created a product that is both simple and robust, creating the housing out of lightweight, high quality Inox 16 stainless steel. Motivated with safety in mind, Hydrotab trim tabs enhance fuel economy by providing your boat with a slight elevation that allows safer and more efficient drive, by optimising planing and reducing the rock, normally experienced in larger seas.

It’s a simple idea with big results. The innovative mechanism is designed with a high resistance bladder which expands, opening to the waters, creating a lift, shifting forces of up to 2000kg. The results are evident, seen in your greater speed, ease of steering and stable handling. Hydrotab trim tabs incorporate an easy to use control panel that can be set to either manual or fully automated modes of use. Installation is simple and quick, with no maintenance or cleaning required. With a 5 year mechanical and 2 year electrical warranty and zero percent fail rate, product reliability is exceptional.

The next time you are out on the water with family and friends, you will feel the difference in the power and control of your vessel, as you glide expertly through tough conditions, giving you confidence and importantly, increasing your passengers’ safety.