by Dom Wiseman

Vesper Marine are world renowned and respected for their boating safety technology. The smartAIS range was designed with boating safety and certainty in mind. Unlike the standard AIS system, the smartAIS is an active system, equipped with a smart alarm that warns you in the case of a potential collision situation. The transponder also has the ability to plot your anchor position and sound the alert if your anchor drags, and is designed for immediate alarm in a man over board incident. BLA Distribution have proudly included Vesper Marine and their smartAIS units to the extensive BLA product range.

“We are extremely pleased to have partnered with Vesper Marine; we saw the opportunity to add their unique AIS collision avoidance products to BLA’s range, allowing us to deepen our offerings and technical capabilities in the market,” stated Product Director, David Wood.

Vesper Marine’s smartAISrange can be used on all types of vessels and are extremely low on power consumption. They are flexible, easy to use and always watching out for the safety of your family, friends and other boaters. Vesper Marine’s award winning WatchMate technology is available across the smartAIS range, in either the WatchMate Vision or WatchMate XB-8000 models.

WatchMate Vision is a fully standalone, colour, touchscreen device and has been designed as an intuitive, easy to use interface.  You can view the radar plotting screen and the alarm messages popping up in the alarm banner. It has a built in GPS antenna and DSC calling available. The WatchMate XB-8000 model can be easily connected with your tablet, smartphone, PC or Mac over WiFi or USB and the alarm system will activate regardless of whether you have your screens activated or not.It comes with all of the smartAIS functions including, collision prevention, anchor watch and man overboard alarm system. The device is universally compatible with all AIS enabled MFDs and by using 5HZ GPS, your new device is 5 times faster than a standard transponder with excellent resolution.