by Dom Wiseman

The Kings of luxury boating, Sundance Marine, will be bringing a whole lot of Italian class and sophistication with them to this years’ Sydney International Boat Show, as they proudly unveil the brand new Invictus.

Sundance Marine Director David Beck said “We’re really excited to bring the unique Invictus range to Sydney. They’re very well priced and they represent amazing value.”


The Italian luxury brand Invictus strives to deliver nothing but the best to the luxury smaller boat market. They are redefining, re-imagining and transforming the smaller boat industry, in creating their distinctive line of powerboats ranging from 19’ – 37’. The new Invictus models are everything we have come to expect from the expert style, quality and class of Italian boat builders. Their attention to detail is exceptional and their new powerboat range have a true luxury feel about them as you glide on the water.

At this year’s International Boat Show, you will also be able to check out Invictus’ luxury tender, the indispensable partner for any luxury motor yacht owner. Even their tender design is an excellent example of how Invictus are transforming and giving new life to the smaller boat industry. Space utilisation has been cleverly considered, with bow areas and below deck areas customisable, and the fenders have been skillfully integrated into the vessel.

The Sydney International Boat Show 2017 will be held at the new Sydney International Convention Centre at Darling Harbour, between 3 and 7 August, and Sundance Marine will proudly exhibit the new Invictus 280 GT, 280 TT and 240 FX models. For those of you who are searching for that sleek, stylish, pleasure vessel or clean, classic, sporty design, Invictus will only exceed your expectations and will have both their inboard and outboard options available for you to consider, marvel and enjoy.