by Dom Wiseman

For small and medium sized vessels, the brand new OceanLED Sport S3116s is the optimal product on the market for underwater LED lighting solutions. Founded in 2004, OceanLED have quickly become rated, across the world, as the most advanced and trusted brand in underwater LED lighting. Their products are now the most widely distributed and best quality products on the market. The team at OceanLED are in constant pursuit of perfection and the new OceanLED Sport S3116s is another fine example of their success.

The OceanLED Sport packs some punch, with 9,840 lumens and 5,000 fixture lumens, in a handy, compact design. The surface beam angle offers an impressive 90˚, with a side beam angle of 20˚, allowing you an exceptionally wide range of visibility as the Midnight Blue or Ultra White light options pierce through the dark waters, allowing an impressive range of luminosity. The new OceanLED Sport S3116s boasts a Fish-Strobe Mode which when set, increases luminosity and creates a strobing effect at random intervals, which has been tried and tested and found to be exceptionally effective for attracting fish.

The OceanLED Sport S3116s is made from Alu Bronze, an exceptional material, which is super resistant to corrosion. The LED lighting system is remarkably compact at 10cm in total size. Its design is simple, with ease of installation carefully considered by the manufacturer. With absolutely no bonding required, a small hole of 12.5mm is required in the hull, to allow for the cable to pass through and is held in place by three simple screws. With a Tritonium coating, the Sport S3116sis exceptionally simple to keep clean. A quick wipe of the lens removes any underwater growth saving hours of scrubbing each time you use it.

The OceanLED Sport S3116s lets you set the night on fire, giving you the ultimate fishing and night time navigation experience.