by Dom Wiseman

Clarion make some of the world’s best marine speakers delivering high quality sound in some of the toughest environments on earth. The new Clarion Coaxial Speakers and Subwoofers with built in blue LED lighting are built for performance and reliability.

The Clarion Coaxial Speakers are able to carry 200 Watts Maximum power short term and 60 Watts continuously long term. This allows you to run an amp and have a speaker capable of handling the power.  The speakers and subwoofers are built with rubber surrounds for excellent response. This surround uses Sanoprene rubber which, according to Clarion, has superior water and UV resistance.

The high impact plastic grille surrounding the speakers is UV resistant and are designed to allow the blue LED light to shine. The Mica-Injection Polypropylene Woofer Cone have been selected as they do not absorb moisture from the air.  Paper cones can which can affect their performance. Therefore Mica-Injection Polypropylene cones have provide better performance in marine environments.

The speakers also run corrosion-resistant gold-plated terminals and some with a one year warranty. All the mounting equipment supplied is stainless steel ensuring no hassles when installing in a marine environment.