by Dom Wiseman

Everyone wants to be able to create their own maps of areas they fish most often. It would enable you to fully explore, and record, your favourite fishing spots recording exact details of the ground below. Now, new software released by Garmin, Quickdraw Contours, will enable you to do just that.
And the best part is it is free.
The software is built in as standard in the 2016 echoMAP CHIRP range and available as a  software update for other echoMAP and many GPSMAP series products. It can be used with any transducer, including Garmin Panoptix, HD-ID, DownVü and NMEA 2000 transducers.
Once the Quickdraw Contours software is installed you can instantly create HD fishing maps on screen, with 300mm contours, of nearly any body of water.
According to Garmin the people who will benefit most from this technology are those who spend most of their time chasing fish in lakes, rivers and estuaries where detailed maps are often not available.Garmin quickdraw contour 3 But offshore fishermen who want more a more detailed map of particular sections of reef or ground that has proved to be successful in the past can also use it. You also can improve existing maps that show locations of underwater structures, drop offs, crevices or wrecks. The software is also easy to use, you don’t need any special skills or to understand surveying, all you do is fish while it creates maps. It even allows you to label points of interest, such as navigation aids, docks, ramps, timber or brush piles and include them on the map. The maps are shown directly on the screen as the boat motors along as well as being captured on an SD card, which gives you the ability to share your find or keep the images private.
If you have a compatible Garmin unit, to download the Quickdraw Contours software all you need to do is click here. This will not only give you Quickdraw but upgrade your unit will all the latest features available.