by Dom Wiseman

BEP have released an update for their CZone product which changes the way users can understand and use their onboard electrical system on any boat or vehicle. The CZone 2.0 software update makes use simpler, faster and easier for owners.

CZone’s functionality enables owners to set a series of switches or systems into a single circuit enabling one button operation for a variety of modes. For example when owners pull into the berth after a weekend afloat, all they have to do is press one single button and the CZone unit will turn off all the systems and circuits not needed while the boat is moored. It will quickly and easily switch a group of circuits on or off to suit the operating mode.  Changing the system from day to night mode, or from underway to at-rest with a single touch is a simpler way of managing your boat than working out which switches to turn on and off individually. CZone’s new Favourites page makes this even easier with the clear illustration of your boat or vehicle.

CZone_Touch 10_Favourites_Boat_Right

Owners can also customise the new Favourites page and select what information and controls that are most regularly accessed, from individual switches to critical monitoring information. The can also further manipulate the display by loading layouts or schematics specific to the vessel or vehicle which allows quick location of key switches and alerts on the schematic in the area of the system that it relates to.

“With CZone celebrating its 10th year of innovation we have proven durability and customer focus through key long term partnerships with leading global boat and recreational vehicle builders, and the Volvo Ocean Yacht Race. With this upcoming release, CZone will continue to be the leading solution for digital switching and automation for marine and mobile automotive into the future.”  – Jarrod Sagar, Business Leader, BEP Marine.