by Dom Wiseman

Evinrude and Hervey Bay Marine made their mark in December as they hit the crystal clear waters of Fraser Island for their annual meet.

The crowds gathered as the boats left the marina and powered past Big Woody Island; gleaning in the sun, each sporting a sleek Evinrude E-TEC engine. The range of boats was varied, including aluminum, fiberglass, mono-hulls, catamarans, recreational and commercial vessels. The diverse range on show demonstrated the flexibility of Evinrude E-TEC engines; fit for boats of all shapes and sizes.

Together with Hervey Bay Marine, Evinrude brought along some of their most passionate E-TEC customers to talk Direct Injection outboards. With over 2,110 HP on display, it was the perfect occasion to talk frankly about all the benefits that E-TEC engines have to offer.

The praise flooded in from all directions. Hervey Bay Marine’s mechanics and customers alike, were particularly impressed by the Dynamic Power Steering (DPS) systems and the outboard’s instant torque. The Dynamic Power Steering (DPS) was said to be extremely precise, easy to control and simple to install. With no hydraulic steering rams cluttering the engine bay, new boats and repowers have a tidier finish. The general consensus was that these two vital factors are the top two reasons customers are choosing Evinrude’s.

In addition, Evinrude E-TEC engines give 30% more torque; a significant increase in horsepower. The attendees were given a live demonstration during the Fraser meet, with 3 aluminum boats that weighed over 4 tonnes and 1 fiberglass boat that weighed 2 tonnes put into action.

Weighing over 5 tones, the biggest boat was a whopping 9.5m SIC Plate boat. Commercial Captain and owner Steve Josefski said ‘the sheer torque of twin 300hp G2 Engines is what keeps my boat on plane while hammering out through big swell.’

Josefski said ‘a 4 stoke would require constant manipulation of the throttle to simply stay on plane’

‘I switched from twin 150hp Mercs to twin 150hp G2 Evinrude engines’ said Alan Lebsanft, owner of a 7 meter fiberglass catamaran. ‘I was sick of repairing them! I also got rid of all those damn cables’.

The Fraser meet was a big success, and a first rate opportunity for Evinrude and Hervey Bay Marine to shine a deserved spotlight on their boats and E-TEC engines.