by Dom Wiseman

Italian yacht manufacturer, The Ferretti Group, specialising in the construction of fully-custom steel and aluminium pleasure vessels between 40 and 100 metres, have had their latest yacht, the 450, honoured in both China and Slovenia, taking out the top prize in its category. Sitting at 45 feet, the 450 has set a new benchmark in class and sophistication and its exceptional qualities have now been internationally recognised.

 The Ferretti Group appear unstoppable, only unveiling their latest model, the 450, to excited crowds at the Cannes Yachting Festival in September 2016 and even more recently in the Asia Pacific region. Its popularity has soared since, claiming both prestigious international awards in the same month.

In Asia, the Italian yachting brand are celebrated for their quality, class and clean-cut style. Judges, at the China International Boat Show in April 2017, named the 450 the Best Motor Yacht below 55ft. The judges sung the yacht’s praises, noting its sleek, sophisticated style, practical design and unrivalled quality and on-board comfort. In Portoroz, Slovenia, the 450 was announced best Motor Yacht over 41 up to 50 feet at the Internautica awards 2017 in May.

Chief Commercial Officer of the Ferretti Group, Stefano de Vivo, elatedly declared from Italy that,“The Ferretti Yachts 450 is a very important model for us because it marks the return of Ferretti Yachts to the strategic 40 to 50 feet market. It is popular with owners in our traditional markets, such as Europe and the Americas, and it has also been an instant hit in the Middle East and Asia”.

Ecstatic by the wins, he stated, “these two awards from two different continents underline the international nature of Ferretti Yachts and the value of a distinctive, innovative design philosophy. We are very pleased with the prize that we won in Shanghai because it comes from an extremely selective market that appreciates the most exclusive products that are made in Italy. We are also enormously satisfied with the award that we picked up at Internautica, because it is the top boat show on the Adriatic, where enthusiasts from a number of countries have always spent boating holidays on the waves with flybridge models by Ferretti Yachts.”