by Dom Wiseman

The Fishing Raptor range is the latest line to hit the Australian boating market. Part of the larger Triton Group, the Raptor range specialises in Centre Consoles, fishing boats and Walk-Around vessels from 21 to 42 feet. One of the longest running boat dealerships in Australia, 5 Star Motor Cruisers, is the exclusive importer of the Raptor range into Australia from the Americas, focusing the Australian range on the Aussie love of fishing.

Raptor moulds are all designed and imported from the USA. The Fishing Raptor line products are constructed with manual lamination. This means that all materials are applied by hand, with great care. The structures are highly resistant and lightweight. All stringers are filled with polyurethane foam, which makes these boats literally unsinkable.

All vessels in the Fishing Raptor range use only the best available materials and latest technologies, during the building process. The lamination process uses materials that are certified imports from the USA and the EU. Each vessel undergoes a strict quality control process and must meet the international maritime standards of construction and security.

All internal furniture is made from high quality navy plywood and coated with special laminate for naval use, with stainless steel fittings. Each vessel has a centre table that is either made from wood or teak, depending on the model. All external tables are made from teak to support the tough outdoor weather conditions. All sofas are upholstered with D33 foam and the LED lighting will save your batteries.

With their main office centrally located in Rozelle, Sydney, at the Superyacht Marina, the Fishing Raptor range has been imported to suit both the sheltered  waters and the more challenging and unpredictable conditions found offshore. The ideal balance between a leisure boat and proficient fishing vessel, makes the Fishing Raptor range an excellent choice for the Australian buyer.

With something for everyone, across a range of prices, there are currently 12 different models available in the 2019 range. Collated below is a brief overview of the different models and prices, to guide you through the available options of the range.

Fishing Raptor 375 Solarium

Fishing Raptor 375 Solarium

The 375 Solarium is the ultimate vessel if you are seeking versatility. Performing perfectly as an offshore fishing platform, a weekend entertainer’s delight, or the ideal yacht tender, the 375 Solarium can do it all. At just under 12m in length, the 375 Solarium can carry a maximum of 16 day passengers.

Whether you are heading out for a hard day’s fishing or taking your family and friends out for a seafood lunch on the water, the 375 Solarium is equipped for the job.

For the fishermen, a sink and bait station are included, as well as fish box, rod holders, rod racks and optional Livewell. With plenty of storage options available, a day spent trying your luck in a hidden bay or pushing your limits offshore, the 375 Solarium is up to the task.

If leisure and entertaining are more up your alley, the 375 Solarium will come to your party. Fitted with a teak table at the stern, guests can get comfortable across the back lounges, sun themselves across the bow or dip their legs in the water from the side deck door. After a quick swim or snorkel, there is a retractable 3 step stainless steel ladder for an easy exit and a shower at the stern.

For a romantic weekend away, the 375 Solarium is also more than up for the job. Fitted with a queen bed, there is also a toilet with electric flushing system and shower. With a cabin height of 1.80m, the average person can move around the cabin comfortably.

At A$389,000.00, the Fishing Raptor 375 Solarium is at the higher end of the Raptor range but a very competitive price when compared to what is in the market at that price.

Fishing Raptor 320 Cuddy

Fishing Raptor 320 Cuddy

The 320 Cuddy is a 320 centre-console with cabin. The 320 Cuddy is a very comfortable fishing vessel or general sports boat. The cabin space is available in different layout configurations, with all options leaving you with plenty of deck space.

With a length of 9.60m, a maximum of 12 passengers can join you during the day and 2 can spend the night. The weight of the vessel, without the engine, is 3,500 kilograms.

Fishermen will be content with the range of fishing and general equipment that comes as standard. Rod holders, rod racks, the Centre-Console with a door, sink with faucet in the Console, fish box, electric panel and swivel seats all come as standard.

General equipment coming as standard includes but is certainly not limited to, an automatic bilge pump, self-draining deck, compass, aluminium windshield with tempered glass and 12 V Outlets.

In the cockpit, you will find a stern shower and toilet and fibreglass wardrobe with wash down and bar. The stainless steel pilot seat is folding and there is a 4 step stainless steel retractable ladder for ease of entry and exit to the water.

The cabin is fitted with a queen bed and foldable wooden table.

Priced at A$254,000.00, the Fishing Raptor 320 Cuddy sits at the mid-price range of the Raptor line.

Fishing Raptor 390 Saint Tropez

Fishing Raptor 390 Saint Tropez

There are three vessels included in the Fishing Raptor Saint Tropez range. The 390 Saint Tropez is the top of the range and comes obviously the flagship model.

The 390 Saint Tropez is a particularly innovative design, created in partnership with US based Donald Blount Naval Architects Studio Design and Paulo Marques Yacht Design.

The deep V hull on the 390 Saint Tropez is powered by three HP outboards that make offshore cruising a breeze. Fuel consumption is lower than other vessels of a similar size. At a length of 11.90 metres, the vessel weighs 6,500 kilograms without engines. Maximum passenger capacity is 16 people during the day and the 390 Saint Tropez sleeps 6 people.

The 390 Saint Tropez is extremely versatile like the 375 Solarium. It is fit for serious fishing, serious entertaining and serious cruising. The 390 Saint Tropez however, has the benefit of sleeping up to 6 people on board.

Main features include a triple foldable pilot seat, plenty of storage, galley, all of the fishing equipment as standard, per the 375 Solarium, and command panel.

The key differences between the 390 Saint Tropez and the 375 Solarium are found in the cabin and cockpit. The cabin has a queen bed at both the midship and the bow. There is a toilet with cabinet and sink and a shower. The cockpit includes a foldable seat at the stern and shower. There is a cooler compartment, gourmet station with sink and cabinet and a beautiful teak table. An electric grill can be included as an option.

At A$432,500.00, the Fishing Raptor 390 Saint Tropez is at the top end of the Fishing Raptor line, but equally meets the challenges as great value and provides every whim and want one could have for a vessel of this size.

Fishing Raptor 330 Saint Tropez

Fishing Raptor 330 ST

The Fishing Raptor 330 Saint Tropez offers a combination of a sporty Centre-Console and cabin. It is a sleek looking vessel, that is extremely functional.

You have the option to include either the three low fuel consumption outboards or to fit two diesel stern drives. At 9.90 metres, the weight of the vessel without engine is at 3,200 kilograms. 12 passengers can enjoy during the day and the 330 Saint Tropez sleeps 6.

On the deck, the sun lounging area is generous and the L’ shape seating area has been fitted with a good storage compartment. There is a sunroof and beautiful teak table for entertaining. The pilot seat is foldable and there is a 4 step retractable ladder for entry and exit from the water.

The cabin has been fitted with a ‘V’ shape queen size bed and there is an additional double bed at the midship. There is a toilet fitted with manual flushing system, with sink and shower. The kitchen sink has a quartz stone top and all furniture in the kitchen is wooden.

The cockpit has the L’ shape seat at the stern, with teak table. The side seat folds down, allowing you to connect with the water’s edge. Both the pilot and co-pilot seats are foldable. Importantly, for those looking to entertain, there is a gourmet station with sink and storage.

The Fishing Raptor 330 Saint Tropez is priced at A$328,000.00.

Fishing Raptor 265 Saint Tropez

Fishing Raptor 265 Saint Tropez

The Fishing Raptor 265 Saint Tropez is the smaller, cheaper, compact version in the Saint Tropez range. Still incredibly versatile, the 265 Saint Tropez is an excellent fishing vessel, capable of cruising and can sleep up to two people in a double bed in the cabin. There is a toilet and plenty of storage is available. The standard inclusions for fishing are plentiful, including, fish box, sink with faucet and rod holders.

At 8 metres, the vessel weighs 1,500 kilograms without the engine. The 265 Saint Tropez can carry 10 people during the day and sleeps 2. The stern area is spacious and can easily carry some serious sporting equipment, if that’s your passion.

At A$191,000.00, the Fishing Raptor 265 Saint Tropez is at the lower price end of the range.

Fishing Raptor 340 WA (Walk Around)

Fishing Raptor 340 WA

This vessel was developed and created in partnership with the team at Paulo Marques Yacht Design. The Fishing Raptor 340 WA (Walk Around) was created with serious fishermen at the heart of the conception. A fishing vessel capable of covering any ground, the 340 WA can cover large distances and taking on challenging offshore conditions is a breeze.

The flexibility of the layout of the 340 WA, makes the vessel equally versatile and can be used for a family day out on the water. With foldable seats, a removable table at the stern and large sun lounging space, the 340 WA can do more than provide top notch fishing.

At just over 10m in length, the 340 WA weighs 3,500 kilograms without the engine. The vessel can carry 12 people during the day and sleeps 6.

Priced at A$327,000.00, the Fishing Raptor 340 WA is the fishermen’s dream that the whole family can share in.

Fishing Raptor 300 WA

Fishing Raptor 300 WA

The original mould of the Fishing Raptor 300 WA was actually produced by the globally recognised American boat builder ‘Four Winns’. With a length of 9.15 metres and a beam of 3 metres, the 300 WA has an extremely stable hull and can tackle any challenging conditions.

Again, a really versatile vessel, the 300 WA can be used equally as an offshore fishing boat or enjoyed by family and friends, sleeping up to 6 people. According to 5 Star Motor Cruisers, the 300 WA is the top selling Walk Around vessel available on the Australian market.

Priced at A$250,000.00, it is not surprising that the Fishing Raptor 300 WA is the top seller.

Fishing Raptor 250 WA

Fishing Raptor 250 WA

The Fishing Raptor 250 WA was created from imported moulds from Striper Boats USA. The 250 WA is a super tough fishing vessel, designed to navigate the rough waters of the Northern Pacific. This boat is the top selling WA on the American market, which speaks volumes.

At 7.67 metres, the 250 WA weighs 1,350 kilograms without the engine. The vessel has a maximum capacity of 8 day passengers and sleeps 2 very comfortably, with a toilet and sink.

The 250 WA has been fitted with all of the fishing essentials including, swivel seats, fish box with external drain, side rod holder, side rod rack, sink with faucet and command panel.

The Fishing Raptor 250 WA is an exceptionally good deal, priced at A$179,000.00.

Fishing Raptor 320 CC

Corse - Murtoli - fishing

Corse – Murtoli – fishing

The Fishing Raptor 320 Centre-Console is another very versatile option at the mid-range price level. A combination of capable fishing vessel, yet equipped with all of the must haves for a weekender to enjoy with family and friends.

A variety of layout options are available, meaning you can design your vessel to suit your individual needs. There is space enough for up to 12 people to enjoy during the day. At 9.6 metres, the 320 CC weighs 3,200 kilograms without the engine. This vessel is the only Centre-Console that can have three low consumption outboard motors fitted or two diesel stern drive engines.

Main features include a triple folding pilot seat with backrest and storage, foldable stern seat, fish box, glove box, stern toilet and shower.  All the fishing essentials are included such as, swivel seats, rod holders, side rod rack etc.

In addition, there is the option to have an open bow, which includes an L’ shape lounge, centre table and sun area.

Priced at A$283,000.00, the Fishing Raptor 320 Centre-Console is an excellent mid-range option.

Fishing Raptor 265 CC

Fishing Raptor 265 CC

This vessel finds its selling point in the fact that it holds all of the comforts of a larger boat but with the versatility that comes with a Centre-Console. It can be enjoyed as a serious fishing vessel or a comfortable option for all your family and friends to enjoy in.

At 8 metres, the vessel weighs 1,400 kilograms without the engine and can carry 10 people during the day. Getting on the plane at 12mph, the 265 CC can maintain speeds at 35mph, with multiple engine combinations available.

There is a stack of equipment as standard, including but not limited to, Centre-Console with door, self-draining deck, centre table, sink with faucet, rod holders, side rod rack, fish box, command panel and toilet.

The Fishing Raptor 265 CC is priced at A$184,000.00 and is an excellent, versatile and affordable option.

Fishing Raptor 240 CC

Fishing Raptor 240 CC

With many similarities to the 265 CC, the 240 CC can carry a maximum of 8 people and weighs 900 kilograms. The vessel has a large deck area and main features include, a stainless steel pilot seat with backrest, storage underneath the bow seat, rod holder, command panel, toilet, folding stern seat and fish box.

At A$170,000.00, the Fishing Raptor 240 CC is the slightly smaller, less expensive little brother.

Fishing Raptor 210 CC

Fishing Raptor 210 CC

Smaller again, the 210 CC is the entry level model of the Fishing Raptor range. Built using moulds from the prestigious Hydra shipyard, the 210 CC is a huge seller on the US market due to its quality, sturdy construction and versatility.

At 6.4 metres and weighing 600 kilograms, the 210 CC can carry 8 passengers during the day. The vessel has plenty of equipment as standard, as with the rest of the Fishing Raptor range, including, pilot seat, side rod rack, retractable cleats, 3 step retractable ladder and stainless steel water drain.

Priced at A$99,500.00, the 210 CC is the perfect choice for an entry level boat.


NOTE: All images and pricing supplied by the Australian Distributor, 5 Star Motor Cruisers.