by Dom Wiseman

Worldwide leader in marine audio entertainment, Fusion, announced today it is cutting prices on its award-winning line of marine audio entertainment systems.

FUSION has experienced tremendous growth globally in 2017, particularly in the U.S. and European markets. Increased production volume along with the benefits of manufacturing in company-owned factories has allowed the company to decrease retail price points on a number of premium marine stereos.

The popular 650 and 755 Series units have dropped $100 RRP, now starting at $599.95, and the go-anywhere portable product, STEREOACTIVE, hits a competitive $319.95 excluding goods and services tax.

Price reductions are as follows:

MS-AV755                  RRP reduced by $100                        From $979.95 to $879.95

MS-UD755                  RRP reduced by $100                        From $799.95 to $699.95

MS-AV650                  RRP reduced by $100                        From $849.95 to $749.95

MS-UD650                  RRP reduced by $100                        From $699.95 to $599.95

STEREOACTIVE       RRP reduced by $80                          From $399.95 to $319.95

For more information on FUSION or its entire line of audio products, please contact  1300 736 012 or visit