by Dom Wiseman

Marine speakers have to be built tough to withstand the rigours of use in and around water. While any type of water can terrorise marine electronics, our predominately saltwater boating really exacts a heavy toll. Fusion have been at the leading edge of high quality marine electronics and their new EL Series shallow-mount marine speakers are built to a very high standard, suitable for any marine use. They are available in two styles and come with LED lighting options. The construction is an impact resistant plastic with the EL Series supported by a Classic or Sports grille option. These speakers are a shallow basket design suitable for installation where mounting depth is limited.

The speakers push out 80 Watts of power in a compact 6.5-inch shell with Fusion’s excellent cone protection. A must for aquatic use. Additional speaker grilles are available so customers can set up the speakers in four options: Sports White, Sports Grey, Classic White or Classic Black.

The Sports models feature the multi-colour LED lighting option with the open design allowing the seven different coloured LED offerings to really stand out against the backdrop of the boat. The Classic grille is a simple design, clean and understated.

The EL Series is rated IP65 for water and dust ingress protection from the front face when correctly mounted. It also meets industry standards for UV and salt fog protection. This means it is sealed from dust and water projected by a nozzle (6.3mm) from any direction.

“We built the EL Series as a way for users to enhance any type of vessel, whether it features a modern or classic look,” said Chris Baird, managing director of Fusion Entertainment. “The EL Series is also designed and engineered for the outdoors so users are not only getting the look and sound they want but they can be sure it will last for a long time no matter where you do your boating.”