by Steve Lague

Marine audio entertainment specialist, Fusion, has kicked off 2016 with the release of two new products, the RA70 compact marine stereo and the MS-BB100 black-box audio system, which are both suitable for small boats or boats with very little dash space.
The RA70 stereo is a cost-effective audio system that offers streaming access to Pandora, Spotify, and Apple Music through compatible devices with independent control of balance and volume level in two separate audio zones.
Designed to replace any standard-sized car stereo system, it incorporates a marinised chassis that can be fitted into any dashboard. The widescreen LCD display is optically bonded to improve durability and eliminate condensation or fogging while on the water, as well as being able to resist extreme temperatures and operate in direct sunlight.
When mounted correctly, the front face of the MS-RA70 is rated IPx7 waterproof, which means it can be splashed or even immersed in water up to 1.0m deep for 30 minutes, making it able to withstand the harshest marine environments. It also is engineered with a glass-filled composite chassis so it won’t corrode.
In a world-first innovation, the MS-RA70 can be installed conventionally on the dash or integrated into a glass helm with a flush surface finish by simply removing the face plate trims and recessing the mount.Fusion BB100
The MS-BB100 is designed to deliver plug and play compatibility with leading multi-function display units and is also compatible with Apple and Android audio systems. It also features Bluetooth audio streaming and comes with a waterproof remote control that can be used to pair devices to the system as well as for skipping tracks and adjusting volume.
The BB100 can be set up with two independent audio zones, each with their own volume control options, which enables each zone to be adjusted independently or globally from any connected display, remote or through the Bluetooth app.
Designed to be tucked away out of sight, saving valuable space at the helm, the MS-BB100 is easy to install. Simply secure, plug and play for effortless entertainment.