by Dom Wiseman

Having control of your music at your fingertips is expected these days. Since the revolution of wired dummy control panels being able to be located in other areas on a boat, away from the head unit itself, we’ve been trying to put them all over the place, but sometimes that pesky wiring required gets in the way, limiting placement of the device. The new Fusion ARX70 ANT Wireless Stereo Remote takes the technology one step further via a wireless connection to the head unit. You can now control your Fusion ANT enabled device from anywhere. At the transom, in the bow or anywhere else you can think of with no limitations.

The device interfaces with compatible Fusion stereos. These head units can be set up into zones allowing different volumes in each individual space. The ARX70 acts as a media controller for one zone at a time but can cycle through all zones giving you full control over the entire boat. You can even install multiple ARX remotes in lots of areas, or multiple ARX units in a single zone giving you plenty of versatility.

“Small but mighty, the new Fusion ARX70 is extremely versatile, cost effective and makes listening to your favourite entertainment more convenient than ever before,” said Baird. “Its compatibility with multiple ANT-enabled products, in both wet and dry zones, makes it the perfect partner for any Fusion audio entertainment system.”

The Fusion ARX70 is a low profile, water resistant design with an IPX7 rating. The unit has a one-year battery life enables and can be installed anywhere without the need to drill holes or the use of any tools. Easy to use, the unit has rubber buttons with good feel, so you know when you’ve pressed the button. A LED light provides additional user guidance. It is available in white or black.