by Dom Wiseman

GME have released their MT603 Series of water-activated, GPS-equipped Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacons (EPIRBs) onto the market with international Cospas-Sarsat approval. GME have delivered a new standard of safety norm for boaters and vessels with their all Australian designed, engineered and manufactured range of emergency beacons that will keep vessels and their crews safe in any and all locations.

The GPS accuracy of the MT603 Series has been even more acutely refined, with its solid state strobe light and auxiliary 121.5 MHz VHF homing transmitter, the MT603 beacons provide a considerably more accurate location to rescue services than previous models. In addition, the beacon’s individual identification number means that after registering your number with the Maritime Authorities, the rescue services know exactly who they are searching for. With its zero warm-up digital technology and 48 hour minimum transmitting capacity, the MT603 Series is the most advanced MEOSAR-ready 406 MHz digital EPIRBs on the market.

The key safety feature that makes the MT603 Series stand out as superior in emergency situations is that both the Category 1 MT603FG model and the Category 2 MT603G models activate automatically upon contact with water. At a depth of 1.5 – 4 metres, the Category 1 MT603FG model’s beacon is activated as it makes contact with the water after its automatic release from its housing. The Category 2 MT603G model requires removal from its mounting bracket and will automatically activate once contact with water has been made.

The MT603 Series of water-activated EPIRBs from GME has raised the safety bar for emergency beacon technology. With both 6 year battery life guarantee and product warranty, GME’s MT603 Series of water-activated EPIRBs appear to be the safety addition that has to be included on all Australian vessels.