by Dom Wiseman

The mention of ‘Italian Made’ brings to mind images of beautiful, high quality, luxury products. The new Gussi Italia Marine Steering Wheels are no exception and are changing the behind the wheel experience for boat lovers across the globe, including right here in Australia.

Gussi Italia Steering Wheels are Italian to the core. They are designed, engineered and manufactured in Italy and are true to Italian craftsmanship, quality and style. Australasia’s largest supplier of internationally respected Boating, Lifestyle and Adventure products, BLA Distribution, has just added Gussi Italia Steering Wheels to their range of top-class brands.

Made from a variety of quality materials, Gussi Italia Marine Steering Wheels can be made from stainless steel, polished aluminium, chrome, or soft touch moulded polyurethane. Their range of available steering wheels serve much more than a practical purpose. Each steering wheel, fitted at the helm, becomes a statement piece on every vessel. Each steering wheel is an expression of the boat owner’s style, complementing the vibe and interior of each individual vessel.

Gussi Italia Steering Wheels are even said to enhance driving performance. The weighting and balance of the steering wheels enhance the performance and give a sense of increased stability and more controlled turning. A Gussi Italia Steering Wheel not only looks and feels amazing but gives boat owner’s a sense of increased control of their vessels.

A Gussi Italia Steering Wheel will certainly set you and your vessel apart on the water. A symbol of quality craftmanship, luxury and style, the range of steering wheels will forever change your behind the wheel experience. Creating a new connection between you and your vessel, your time spent cruising the waters solo, or with family and friends will be forever changed.