by Dom Wiseman

Humminbird’s new SOLIX Series come with exclusive technologies and they say the largest screens in its class with both 12 and 15 inch displays that include revolutionary Cross Touch® Interface, MEGA Imaging™, CHIRP Digital Sonar, AUTOCHART® Live with vegetation and bottom hardness mapping, Bluetooth® connectivity and i-Pilot® Link™ navigation

Hummindbird’s SOLIX delivers game-changing SONAR, imaging and mapping capabilities in the largest fishfinder Humminbird have ever created. IN keeping with existing sounder design, Hummingbird have continued with an easy-to-use interface and system that can make any angler better.

Both the 12 and 15 inch SOLIX units come standard with Humminbird’s Cross Touch® Interface, allowing touchscreen or keypad navigation while allowing users to customise the screen with up to four independent viewing panes. The keypad control we espect will be most utilised in rough conditions where a deft tap of the screen isn’t possible.

The SOLIX units come in two versions. One GPS and CHIRP Digital Sonar equipped while the other adds Humminbird’s game-changing MEGA Imaging. MEGA imaging, according to Hummingbird is the first Down and Side Imaging technology to use a megahertz range that provides performance nearly three times greater than traditional 455 kHz frequencies delivering clear, sharp imaging.

MEGA Side Imaging offers views to the left and right of the boat, while MEGA Down Imaging gives crystal clear pictures of what is directly beneath the boat.

When asked to explain MEGA Imaging, Humminbird’s Product Manager Shaun Clancy said, “The screen detail is so defined that that in some cases you can literally see each individual fish and make out their head or tail in the sonar shadow. Natural bottom structures like rocks and stumps almost look like photographs, while man-made structures like shipwrecks, road grades or sunken bridges, offer up imagery down to the individual beam. After people see it, they just can’t believe it.”

The CHIRP Digital Sonar in all SOLIX models fires more pulses than traditional transducers over a given period of time resulting in more information coming back to the unit and result in better information, improved target separation and superior image clarity at greater depths.

Also standard on all SOLIX models is Humminbird’s expanded AUTOCHART® Live technology. This enables the user to create and save maps of the bottom on any body of water. It can identify and map depth, bottom hardness and vegetation. When combined with i-Pilot® Link™ from Minn Kota, anglers can follow a specific AUTCHART Live contour at a set speed

The units can be flush, gimbal or RAM mounted.

Mark Gibson, Humminbird director of R&D, summarised the new Humminbird SOLIX technology by saying “SOLIX is the combination of decades of dedicated development in everything from the transducer to the touchscreen. It’s the best of the best and the most advanced fish locator ever created.”