by Joshua Dowling

A group of PWC riders on a charity ride happened upon the stranded Toyota that was stuck on a deserted section of beach half way between Bundaberg and 1770.

This is a lucky day for this Toyota LandCruiser driver. Bogged up to the axles in sand 50km away from civilisation and with no phone coverage and no way to get out of this mess, the owner was going nowhere fast.

But then by complete chance a group of 10 jet ski riders that were taking part in the annual Yamaha Variety Jet Trek charity ride happened to spot the stuck vehicle.

Eight other groups of jet ski riders had already passed and didn’t see old mate as they stayed further out in the ocean, while this group was hugging the coast.

Also by chance, one of the group spotted the driver looking a little worse for wear a few hundred metres away from his stranded Toyota and offered to help.


One by one the team left their jet skis bobbing a couple of hundred metres out in the ocean and got a ride in to the beach to lend a helping hand.

It was soon apparent simply pushing it wasn’t going to work, so the boys ended up lifting the back end as much as they could and jamming hard sand under the tyres.

Old mate refused to lower his tyre pressures as he said he didn’t have any way of getting air back in.

After a few communication breakdowns about steering left or right and accelerating slowly, old mate was eventually on his way. 


The jet ski crew continued the rest of their ride and were left wondering what would have happened to the LandCruiser had they not stumbled on it.