by Dom Wiseman
We have covered off this product previously, except we think this is such an important safety device that it deserves more exposure. Life Cell is a buoyant float-free device that can store all essential marine safety equipment. It was designed by a survivor of a rapid sinking cruiser off the coast of Sydney, Australia. All he had time to grab was an esky and that saved the lives of several people. This got him thinking and the product was born. His idea combines a life ring and a grab bag in one device. Both these items have undergone very little innovation in recent history. Not only does the storage box float free of the vessel itself, it also has grab handles so you can use it as a floatation aid. Inside the compartment are flares and an EPIRB and any other marine safety equipment you can fit.
It is such an innovative idea that Boating Industry bodies all around the world have awarded the device. Most recently, the United States industry has chosen Life Cell as a 2018 Top Product. Life Cell appear in the top 50 of the newest and most innovative products for the marine industry. All of the winners stood out from hundreds of nominations for their impact on the industry, innovation and how they advance their product category, or create something completely new.
Jenny Aiken, CEO Life Cell Marine Safety, is thrilled that Life Cell is gaining recognition in the largest marine market in the world.
“Life Cell has had significant success in Australia since it was launched in 2015 and we are pleased that we are starting to get the same traction in the United States” she said.
This award adds to other recent milestones such as US boat manufacturers starting to recommend the product, including Alabama based Silver Ships who have included Life Cell on their new Fire/Rescue demonstration boat. In addition, towing franchisees from both Sea Tow and TowBoatUS have begun recognising the value of Life Cell by installing it on their vessels.
Land N Sea, Kellogg and Payne’s Marine Group currently distribute Life Cell in North America. Other international distributors assist Life Cell Marine Safety to also make their product available in Australasia, United Kingdom, Europe and the UAE.