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  • Boat trailer storage

    Sizing Up The Storage Solution

    Dom Wiseman 4th/Feb 2019 no responses
    Boat storage options are inextricably linked to the size of the boat you are looking at buying. If you're looking at 24-25 feet, for example, your option is often limited to mooring only, or, in some ..... Read more
  • Boating preparation pays

    Boating Preparation Pays

    Dom Wiseman 12th/Dec 2018 no responses
    There is an old  saying that goes something like this, ‘prior planning prevents poor performance’ and it applies to almost everything, although in the case of boating this prior planning can actu ..... Read more
  • Boating floods cause a lot of debris, so be on the lookout

    Boating, Always Be On the Lookout

    Dom Wiseman 3rd/Dec 2018 no responses
    It feels like we have had a lot of rain here in New South Wales recently and it got me thinking about boating in times of flood waters, and what happens when those flood waters move to the coast. Asid ..... Read more
  • Tubing in a great way to enjoy boating

    Summer Tubing

    Dom Wiseman 27th/Nov 2018 no responses
    The boating family fun season has arrived. Tubing is simply a blast and a towable inflatable could be just the addition your boating days are squealing for. To give you a hand, we have compiled a list ..... Read more
  • Mandurah Boat Show 2

    Navigating The Boating Market this Summer

    Dom Wiseman 22nd/Nov 2018 no responses
    With Summer literally on our doorstep, perhaps you have been thinking about buying a new boat or even about to take the plunge into the boating world? Let’s face it, who doesn’t want to spend t ..... Read more
  • Boating Malibu

    Top Ten Reasons To Go Boating This Summer

    Dom Wiseman 15th/Nov 2018 no responses
    With the majority of Australians living near the coastline, we don’t need much motivation to hit the water. To remind you of all the benefits a boating lifestyle can bring to you and your family, he ..... Read more
  • Kimberley road trip

    Epic Kimberley, A DIY Guide

    Dom Wiseman 22nd/Oct 2018 no responses
    How many keen anglers dream about remote destinations, awesome fishing, amazing scenery and adventure? If this is you, the mere mention of “the Kimberley” conjures up iconic images of wild Austral ..... Read more
  • thumbnail_toyota_hilux_rogue-3

    Toyota Hilux Rogue Tow Review

    Dom Wiseman 22nd/Oct 2018 no responses
    In the battle for dual cab ute supremacy things are hotting up as buyers continue to flock to these surprisingly popular vehicles. I even saw a guy sitting in one in a suit using an electric razor nex ..... Read more
  • 2017-Holden-Trailblazer-LTZ-review-towing-9

    2017 Holden Trailblazer LTZ Tow Review

    Dom Wiseman 20th/Feb 2018 no responses
    When it comes to making a decision on what type of car to buy, price, comfort, ability and ‘fit for purpose’ are paramount. That last category, is why the affordable family tow wagons segment is n ..... Read more