by Dom Wiseman

The latest software update from Lowrance sees free and exciting changes and improvements to the HDS Carbon, Gen3 and Elite-TI displays, including real-time chart creation, expanded engine integration and mobile phone connectivity.

Genesis Live Charting has been added to the Elite Ti, HDS Gen3 and HDS Carbon displays. Providing real-time mapping for the ultimate in up-to-date situational awareness, the software delivers digital depth to create depth contour overlays on charts. The technology is incredibly user friendly and offers a truly customised mapping experience. Genesis Live allows users to see contour transparency, density of contours drawn on the screen up to ½-foot intervals, depth and safety shading colour palettes, and more. The charts can be saved to an SD card for later use.

On the HDS Carbon display, text message and phone notification display are now provided. The software update means users can pair their display with their smart phone via Bluetooth, enabling text message functionality on their Lowrance HDS Carbon display.

Android features include incoming text message display and reply, new message and message template creation, and access to message history and call logs. Ios features include display of incoming text messages and call log.

We saw the introduction of Yamaha engine integration on both the HDS Carbon and HDS Gen3 Displays in the Lowrance 18.1 update. In the latest 18.2 software update, this functionality has now been extended to the 7-, 9-, and 12-inch Elite Ti displays and adds to the systems engine calibration and alarm capabilities. For those enjoying the benefits of an Evinrude engine, customers are now offered the fully integrated experience on the same series of displays. When connected via NMEA 2000 to an Evinrude control head, functionality is automatically unlocked and information is easily accessible from the engine sidebar. Evinrude engine integration includes fluid level monitoring, advanced engine configuration and winterization functionality.