by Dom Wiseman

The brand-new Malibu Pedal kayak offers endless hours of fun and adventure for the entire family, including the dog. With a plethora of new features, the Malibu Pedal kayak is set to revive and transform the kayaking experience, allowing those with an adventurous and playful spirit to really get the most out of their next paddle.

The stern tank-well kid’s jump seat makes family outings a breeze; perfect for your little one should you wish to make the day a family affair and is fitted with dog-friendly bungees. It features an advanced PDL Drive System that means the Malibu Pedal kayak is not only super zippy and easy to turn but equally safe and stable, with your most precious possessions on board.

The included features are a paddler’s delight. The seat is exceptionally comfortable and adjustable, allowing for longer days on the water and the moulded-in foot wells with calf rests gives you added leg support.

Included is a splash-resistant QuickStash storage to keep valuables safe and dry. Moulded-in cup holders and paddle rests are an added bonus; it’s the small details that count. The bow/stern is fitted with toggle handle grips and handles have been moulded into the sides.

The hull of the Malibu Pedal kayak has been designed for superior stability, equally stable in unpredictable surf conditions. Whether you see your family heading out for a chilled day on the bay or a hardcore solo surf session, the versatility of the all-new Malibu Pedal kayak leaves you with all possible options available.