by Dom Wiseman

Roy Wells is a happy fisherman, with his brad new Maritimo M64 cruising motoryacht.  The South Australian game fishing enthusiast is no stranger to tough and unpredictable sea conditions and he’s confident that his M64 cruising motoryacht is just the vessel to tackle whatever conditions await.

Roy picked his brand new $2.763 million M64 cruising motoryacht from the Gold Coast and happily spoke about his new purchase.

“We are boating in the Southern Ocean and it is not at all unusual for us to be out fishing in three to five metre seas so I have to have a boat that is tough and that can handle the conditions,” he said.

It’s not Roy’s first Maritimo purchase, being a long-term fan of Bill Barry-Cotter’s work.  “I have been a Bill Barry-Cotter devotee for many years, and I know from experience just how well boats he designs actually work in the ocean,” he said.

Roy previously purchased an M52 in 2007 and kept her until 2011 when he purchased a M56.

“The new M64 is in my opinion the best boat in the fleet as far as sea keeping ability is concerned,” he said.

“It is just the perfect balance of length, beam, motors and hull design and it delivers in a way that nothing else can.

“This isn’t a cheese and bikkies platform to bob about in Sydney Harbour, it is a serious boat that can handle some seriously rough conditions.

“The latest model is based on the beautiful old original 60 foot hull and I truly believe it is the best design of all the Maritimo’s.”

Roy has powered his vessel with twin 1150 horsepower Scanias. He said before he signed up for his new M64, Roy spoke to a number of M64 owners to ask them of their experiences.

“Three of the four I spoke to were using their boats to travel around the islands so from Fiji, to New Caledonia, to Vanuatu, to New Guinea and New Zealand and that’s a great testament to the quality of these vessels,” he said.

“There are not too many production cruisers that are doing those sorts of journeys.”

Maritimo’s Australasian sales manager, Ormonde Britton, said Roy was one of the most active boaties amongst the entire group of Maritimo owners worldwide.

“He truly uses his boat the way it is meant to be used and he is looking forward to many hours of fun in his new 64,” said Britton.

“A total of 12 M64’s have now been sold and it is a very successful model.”

Roy has named his new Maritimo M64 Stephanie, after his daughter.