by Dom Wiseman

As promised Maritimo held the international debut of the new Maritimo S70 sedan cruiser at the Sydney International Boat Show. This is the largest single level vessel the company has ever produced and the first time we have seen this boat in the flesh.


With a claimed top speed of almost 30 knots and handling more akin to a large runabout, the finished product is everything you could dream of. Style, luxury and performance in one sleek sports cruiser.

The S70 design came about when Maritimo New Zealand were approached by the owner after he had travelled the world studying a variety of brands at international boat shows look at options for his dream boat.

He was originally leaning towards a large displacement cruiser and even considered building a one-off boat to his specification inĀ  New Zealand.

“After years of sailing our own yacht we decided that as we entered the retirement phase of our lives we were more interested in cruising in a launch rather than standing in the wind, on an angle to get anywhere slowly,” said the businessman.

“We went to the Auckland International Boat Show, the Sydney International Boat Show and the world’s largest boat show in Fort Lauderdale and we found the whole experience to be an ‘over-load’.”

He said what they discovered was during their global search the brands of boats they preferred for the New Zealand environment were Australian built vessels.

He said they ‘fell in love with’ the Maritimo M70 flybridge cruising motor yacht and after sea trials in large seas off the Gold Coast they were convinced the M70 could go anywhere they wanted on the Australian coastline, throughout the Pacific and around New Zealand.

He and his wife did not want a flybridge style vessel, but Maritimo were quick to offer to design and build a sport cabriolet version of the M70.

Originally presented with a design of the S70 in 3D they were sold.

Maritimo’s Australasian Sales Manager Ormonde Britton said the buyer started discussions with Maritimo’s New Zealand representatives several years back and the concept of the S70 sedan stemmed from there.

“He knew what he wanted and we kept fine tuning and adding things here and there until the eventual design surfaced and he signed-up,” he said.

“He wanted a single level boat and he wanted some serious volume so we were able to keep working on the vessel until we got exactly what he was looking for.”

Maritimo’s International Sales and Marketing Manager, Greg Haines, said “The beamy vessel has plentiful entertaining and living space and being single level it provides additional height in the main cabin with almost two metres of headroom.”

“The first S70 weighs in at approximately 48 tons and is powered by Scania D16 -1150HP motors. It has a range of 520 nautical miles and 21 knots and a staggering 1600 nautical miles at nine knots.”

It’s a beauty of a boat with a stunning finish featuring dark timber and Miele applicances. the hull contrasts in gold and a large sunroof overhead offers that classic convertible feel when cruising the coast. It also features a SeaKeeper gyro and ZF Joystick control with I Anchor technology.