by Dom Wiseman

Mastervolt, the Dutch-based pioneer of off-grid power systems, is pleased to announce the arrival of the first of the new MLI-E series. Mastervolt provide leading edge lithium-ion battery solutions for boat owners and they have just released the new MLI-E unit. It bridges the gap between the compact MLS series and its high capacity MLI-Ultra. The MLI-E is a fast-charging mid-size battery with a long life and deep-cycle discharge in a compact sturdy waterproof case.

The MLI-E 12/1200 is the first of this series and offers 1200 Watt-hours of energy (90 Amp-hours). Using the very safe Lithium Iron Phosphate chemistry, the MLI-E unit can save up to 70% in space and weight. It also has a tremendous capacity to charge and recharges in less than an hour. It also has strong longevity with the ability to discharge up to 80% of its capacity up to 5,000 times without damage. This gives it a lifespan up to 10 times longer than an equivalent lead acid battery.

Given its short recharge time and long usage lifespan, the Mastervolt MLI-E is ideal for mobile applications or powering small electric motors for propulsion.

The MLI-E can also be monitored via a Bluetooth app titled ‘Mastervolt Battery Monitor’ which can run on both the iPhone or android platforms.