by Dom Wiseman

mazu, leaders in marine satellite communications, has announced that its communications system is being integrated with the Raymarine Axiom series multifunction displays (MFD), which is available directly via the LightHouse apps.

The mazu m2500 satellite communications system, matched with mazu software, gives boaters who are out of phone range or wi-fi connectivity, the ability to access seven-day wind and wave forecasts, as well as send and receive emails and SMS messages, and access live buoy data through the Iridium satellite network. The indispensable service, for those heading far out to sea, also provides 24 hour access to worldwide search and rescue services.

Product manager at mazu, Craig Myers, stated, “we are very excited about the wealth of powerful capabilities our app brings to users of Raymarine multifunction displays. The mazu m2500 hardware provides users with affordable global communications capabilities. By adding mazu to Raymarine Axiom displays, we are giving users an even easier way to stay connected anywhere in the world.”

The benefits of having mazu satellite communication services technology become immediately apparent in the event of an emergency. The benefits of satellite versus cellular are clear in the event of a storm, where Errol Cain of Australian Marine Wholesale, the Australian and New Zealand distributor of mazu, says the benefits are indisputable when the towers go down.

“mazu’s integration with Raymarine couldn’t have come at a better time as we prepare for Australia’s storm season,” he said. “The recent Hurricane Florence in the Carolinas truly highlighted the value of satellite-based Sentry. Those who invested in a cellular boat monitoring system were left wondering for weeks how their boats fared. When they needed the cellular service the most, it wasn’t available.

“For the marginal difference in price, why would you risk not having access during a storm, when it matters the most?”

The mazu m2500 satellite communications system package comes with an ISI-2000 communications hub, a compact IGT- 2100 smart antenna with a 30-foot digital cable, and an illuminated keypad with message waiting indicator and SOS emergency buttons.