by Dom Wiseman

BLA is now responsible for the distribution of the Megapulse Green Energy battery conditioner. Megapulse Green Energy uses a patented process that eliminates electrical system faults due to voltage losses created by battery plate degradation. It reverses degradation allowing the battery to power the electrical system at full voltage.

Electrical systems in vehicles, vessels and equipment are designed to run efficiently with battery reliability and longevity as an integral part of design parameters. In practice electrical systems sometimes suffer voltage losses forcing them to operate outside of design parameters. This type of activity can result in unreliability and early failure of key components. It can also affect the life of the battery itself.

Over time batteries degrade naturally and voltage losses are can result due to the poor state of health of the battery. Battery degradation can be caused by sulphation accumulation on the battery plates themselves. This will also cause the battery to operate hotter due to the high internal resistance causing gassing and electrolyte boil-off which can be corrosive and explosive.

Megapulse is a single multi-voltage product able to condition a single battery of bank up to 2000Ah enabling it to assist is many multi-battery installations. The system will not work on Lithium and Nicad batteries.

Large companies like Volvo and Scania have been using the device across over 100,000 new trucks after thorough testing and the device comes with a 10 year warranty.