by Steve Lague

Earlier this year we told you about Mercury Marine’s new automatic Active Trim system that was launched at the 2016 Miami International Boat Show. Now the technology is available in Australia. The new GPS-based system will not only make boating easier but will ensure that your engine, whether it be an outboard or sterndrive, is always running at its optimum performance level.
“What puts Active Trim ahead of the competition is its patented integrated GPS-based control system which takes into account both your boat speed and rpm when deciding on the ideal trim position,” Mercury’s Director, Accessories, Paul McLean, said.
“It also solves issues with the engine trimming up too early or too late while the boat is getting up on a plane. It’s a great system that’s a step ahead of the rest.”
It also has five selectable trim profiles that accommodate a wide range of boats from small runabouts, pontoons, bass boats and cruisers to high-performance applications.
These profiles allow operators to further personalise Active Trim to suit their driving style and/or compensate for changes in boat load, operator preference and weather conditions, while maintaining full auto operation.
Active Trim can also be overridden by using the regular manual trim buttons.
It is certainly a technology that will give new skippers a lot more confidence, removing one aspect, and a fairly important one, they have to consider when behind the wheel.
Mercury said Active Trim has also been designed to assist expert boaters improve engine performance and reduce fuel costs.
A big selling point, and one that its competitors cannot offer, is that Active Trim is compatible with 40hp to 400hp Mercury FourStroke outboards, two-stroke outboards with SmartCraft, and all petrol and diesel MerCruiser sterndrive engines with SmartCraft. The system can also be retrofitted to any of the engines in this list.