by Steve Lague

Under water lighting is becoming another must have feature for many boaties. Whether it is just to enhance the look of the boat at night or for more practical uses like fishing, the popularity of under water lights has been growing strongly over the past four or five years.

While it was once the domain of bigger boats there are now several good options for smaller trailer boats.

US-based manufacturer and marine lighting specialist, Macris, has just released a new underwater LED light suitable for trailer boats.

The MIU L10 is the new entry-level model in its underwater light range that also includes the MIU 15, 30 and 60 models and is the only one specifically designed for boats up to 10m long.

The MIU L10, which is 204mm long and 53mm wide, will illuminate up to 10m in most water conditions and is available in three colour options, white, ice blue and royal blue, all colours that have been proven to attract fish, especially bate fish at night.

With a current draw of 1.3A it won’t be a massive strain on your 12V battery. And with a width of just 10mm can be stuck to the back of transom using a waterproof sealant. The only drilling that needs to be made in the hull is an 8mm hole for the wires.MIU L10

The rest of the MIU range is specifically designed for bigger boats with the MIU 15 ideal for boats 6-10m long and is for below water installation only. The mid-sized MIU 30 is ideal for boats between 9-15m long while the biggest light in the range, the MIU 60 is designed for boats between 9-15m. They are all available in the choice of four colours, ice blue, royal blue, aqua (a blue/green colour) and wintergreen.

All MIU lights have a 40,000 plus hours life span and come with a two year warranty.

The MIU L10 has a retail price of $353.00 in Australia and are distributed, along with the rest of the MIU LED underwater light range, by the AMI Group.

For more information on the whole MIU range visit the AMI website.