by Dom Wiseman

When towing your trailer boat long distances you should always secure not only the bow to the winch post but also the rear of the boat to the trailer itself. You never know what and when something could go wrong. By attaching the boat securely to the trailer, you could avoid watching your pride and joy sliding down the freeway should the trailer detach itself from the car unexpectedly.

You could use a strap, or a new Aerofast Floating Hook Ratchet Tie Down. Aerofast carefully design products for the Australian and New Zealand markets to ensure customers have a product most suitable for the types of vessels and loads being carried. All Aerofast products are produced to exceed the safety standard ASNZS4380:2001

The new Aerofast tie down is a ratchet design featuring an easy release lever with 1 metre of webbing. At each end is a sewn in loop. You attach one end to the boat and another to the trailer and ratchet it tight. The quick release handle makes it easy to undo when launching your boat. The tie downs come in pairs.