by Dom Wiseman

Clarion, a leader in marine-grade marine audio have launched three new multimedia source systems, specifically designed for marine applications. The new CMS20, M608 and M508 multimedia source units are stylish and packed full of connectivity options. They have been designed to provide years of marine use without ever skipping a beat. All are compatible with NMEA 2000 support for control via a multi-function display (MFD).

“The interiors of many modern boats are stylishly designed and lavishly appointed, much like a flagship luxury car. Similarly, boaters demand that the marine audio systems in their boats deliver functionality, features, and great audio quality like those found in premium cars,” said David Wood, Product Director. “Clarion marine audio systems are designed to address this shift. From their brushed black metal finish and machined metal knob designs to their meticulously engineered ergonomics and tactile feedback, everything about the form and function of these new products exudes quality and refinement. Adding in Clarion’s industry-leading technologies and features, unrelenting resilience to marine use, and the ability for the systems to be controlled from a boat’s touchscreen MFD display, and you will have products that deliver upscale, tailor-made experiences to those who design and build boats, as well as those who purchase and enjoy them.”

Clarion CMS20

The CMS20 is a closed unit and is certified impervious to dust. It can also endure a minimum of three minutes of powerful jets spraying at least 100 litres of water per minute all over the external casing of the product without it penetrating earning it an IPX6 rating. The design is compact for installation flexibility. The controller’s backlit dot matrix LCD display provides users with source and track information at a glance, and can be configured to show two, three or four lines of text based on viewing preference. It utilises a 32-bit micro controller paired together with a 4.1 channel audio processor to deliver high-end performance and top quality sound. It is also equipped with 6 pre-amp outputs and features a powerful built-in amplifier that continuously monitors the system to maintain low distortion levels and optimise sound quality. Connectivity options include AM/FM/WB tuner, Bluetooth aptX, AUX-in, and USB for music stored on flash drives or smartphones and SiriusXM.

Clarion M608

The Clarion M608 is a stylish, feature-rich, iP65-rated multimedia source unit. Its single DIN chassis easily installs in most pre-existing radio fascias. It has a large, white LED backlit LCD display with excellent contrast. A four-zone volume control makes it possible to adjust the volume level in up to four independent audio zones on the same vessel. Enjoy music in the cabin, in the cockpit or on the deck with the freedom to adjust volume in specific zones. Connectivity options include, Global AM/FM/WB tuner, Bluetooth aptX, AUX-in, and USB for music stored on flash drives, iPod® or iPad®, and SiriusXM. There is a powerful 200-watt internal amp and eight pre-amp outputs for system expandability.

M508 White LED

The M508 is Clarion’s new single-DIN marine-grade multimedia unit boasting legendary Clarion sound quality. It has a large, white LED backlit LCD display that is easy to read. The unit features two-zone volume control, making it possible for the captain and passengers to enjoy the same audio source at different volumes. Connectivity options include Global AM/FM/WB tuner, Bluetooth aptX, AUX-in, and USB for music stored on flash drives, iPod® or iPad®, and SiriusXM. The AUX input and USB connectors are located on the front of the unit making it simple to add in external audio sources. An internal 180-watt internal amp delivers crisp sound and plenty of power. The M508 also offers six-channel preamp outputs for vast system expandability.