by Dom Wiseman

Clarion have launched a new marine receiver , the GR10BT. It has been specifically created for the harsh and unforgiving marine environment with an IPX5 rated water resistant front panel and and IPX3 chassis.  The IPX5 rating means the fascia is protected from water jets at any direction while the IPX3 means it will withstand water spray up to 60% from the top of the device. While the IPX5 rating is good we wouldn’t recommend using a high pressure hose on it.

The unit has been designed with control buttons along the rim of the circular face enabling quick access to functions while the oversized LCD display offers clear visibility during day or night.

Clarion’s new unit incorporates many ways to listen to your music and see exactly what you are playing.

High Visibility Oversized LCD Display

The new high-contrast LCD display is easier to read and allows users to quickly confirm details such as song title or artist name, at a glance.

Bluetooth for Stereo Audio Streaming

With built-in Bluetooth audio streaming is possible with a wide variety of compatible devices.

USB Connectors

The USB connectors allow non Bluetooth equipped devices access to the unit. Should your phone run out of battery a quick connection will also charge your phone. It will also play music from the phone or USB device

MP3/WMA USB File Playback

The USB slot also supports the playback of MP3 and WMA format audio files so a USB can simply be plugged into the unit and play your music.

Global Radio Tuner with Weather Band

A multi-band tuner supports reception of radio stations just about anywhere in the world. Combined with weather band, you can always access the latest weather updates and automatic reception of emergency

4-Channel / 2V RCA Outputs

4-channel RCA-type line outputs allow the installation of a sub woofer to offer enhanced music clarity.