by Dom Wiseman

The Aluma Hawk brand has revealed that an additional 2 colours will join their already exciting array of colour choices, available from today. Specialising in aluminium boat paint, Sea Hawk are the market leaders in nautical coating and their new constituents offer boat owners even more ways to protect and prolong the life of their prized possession. Now on offer are the additional colour choices ofJon Boat Blue and Jon Boat Tan, extending the current selection to a full and flexible colour palette. Sea Hawk CEO, Erik Norrie, stated with confidence that, “Boat owners and marine service pros can count on Sea Hawk’s Aluma Hawk as the ideal coating for aluminium boats”. Specifically speaking about the new additions to their Aluma Hawk™AH7000 Series line, Norrie asserted that, “The Sea Hawk brand provides boat owners around the world with application specific solutions for protecting and enhancing their vessels”.

The Aluma Hawk™line is appropriate to use on a wide variety of vessels including: house boats, pontoon boats and canoes and the application options are equally flexible, able to be applied with brushes, rollers or directly sprayed. The palette is accommodating, allowing clients to invent different colour combinations and inject some personal creative flair into their vessel. This AH7000 paint Series is super quick dry and designed to fight off corrosion, therefore suitable for either freshwater or saltwater conditions and above or below the waterline surfaces. The phenolic resin formulation means that you won’t have to prime or topcoat, saving you both time and money.

Established in 1978 New Nautical Coatings, Inc. and Sea Hawk are a true family business who pride themselves on their impeccable reputation in the market as being the best. Loyal to their local customers, who enjoy their ever expanding quality offerings, the brand has experienced record growth in the international market due to their superiority in quality and customer focus in marine coatings.