by Dom Wiseman

Mercury Racing has expanded their MAX5 propeller range to include a brand-new, larger propeller that is focused on improving performance for outboards and sterndrives.

The Mercury Racing Lab Finished MAX5 propeller is designed for both single and multiple-engine applications, including Mercury Racing’s 400R outboard and 600 SCi sterndrive. While the propeller is targeted at high horsepower outboards, the propeller also benefits applications with Mercury racing 520 to 600 HP single and lightweight sterndrive applications. The MAX5 propeller offers an impressive 12% reduction in propeller slip. The propeller is said to be so efficient that it can be run higher on the transom to take advantage of engines fitted with the race-proven Sport Master gearcase.

The MAX5 propeller range now includes a bigger and better 15.25 inch diameter propeller, as well as the all-new MAX5 ST.

The new 15.25 inch diameter model sees a reduction in slip of 3 – 4 %, as compared with the previous 15.00 inch models, on outboard and sterndrive applications, which equally sees benefits from running higher on the transom.

The Mercury Racing MAX5 ST propeller is designed for the 4.6L V8 300R FourStroke outboard with the Sport Master gearcase. The exhaust barrel has been shortened to enhance the performance of single-engine and twin-engine boats, keeping the stern flat for a smooth ride. The new, larger 15.25 inch diameter propeller stays in place at extreme engine heights. The half-inch pitch offerings ensure that engines can be run at their maximum rpm operating range for enhanced throttle response, optimised cruise fuel efficiency and optimal top speed.

In testing, a Mercury Racing 300R FourStroke engine, spinning a 31-inch pitch MAX5 ST propeller, powered a tournament-loaded Bullet 21 XRS bass boat to 157 km/h with an impressive 7% slip.

Each and every propeller at Mercury Racing is designed and handcrafted by artisans and created for specific boats and particular performance goals.