by Dom Wiseman

Minn Kota have reinvented, redesigned and re-released a range of their models, incorporating a host of new features and improvements. The new model range includes their i-Pilot and i-Pilot Link systems, Terrova and Riptide Terrova motors and PowerDrive motors. The host of improvements were made with expert fisherman in mind, fine tuning their extensive quality range to produce a more robust, intuitive and functional range.

The ever more accurate and versatileMinn Kota i-Pilot Link Systems and Minn Kota i-Pilot System

Thei-Pilot Link systems feature a brand new remote system, with a new compact design and bigger, full colour, LCD touchscreen. The Spot-Lock function has been revolutionised and is the most accurate GPS anchor ever created. The GPS has been designed so that once you have locked your position, the motor will keep your vessel within 1.5m of that programmed spot at all times. The impressive Jog Mode allows you the flexibility to move your Spot-Lock position, with the simple push of a button, within five feet in all directions of your locked location. The Circle Mode allows you to choose your position, choose your parameters and circle around your GPS selected position. The remote is Bluetooth wireless, with virtual capacity from your Humminbird, on Ethernet models, which permits speed control, steering, Spot-Lock and Advanced AutoPilot.Thei-Pilot system features similar improvements, with bigger LCD screen, the improved Spot-Lock function, Jog Mode and Bluetooth wireless communication.

The reinvigorated Riptide and Terrova Riptide motors and PowerDrive motors

The award winning Terrova and Riptide Terrova motors have been re-released, bigger, better, faster and quieter than ever. The envy of every angler out on the water, the Terrova and Riptide Terrova motors are the industries most advanced electric steer trolling motor, with incredible performance and capability. Stowing the Terrova has never been so simple with the functionality of Lift-Assist, meaning you barely have to touch your motor to stow it safely. The super accurate Spot-Lock function is incorporated, with the touch of a foot pedal. The Heading Sensor links in with your i-Pilot and i-Pilot Link systems, reading wind and current changes and avoiding boat swing. The Riptide PowerDrive trolling motors have been revamped and given new life with a range of exceptional improvements including the must-have Spot-Lock technology, Heading Sensor, foot-pedal and Bluetooth wireless communicationcapability.