by Steve Lague

Simrad has released the first CHIRP Sonar Module that will deliver high-resolution sonar across multiple depth ranges, making it a perfect fit for offshore sport fishing anglers.

The S5100 High-Performance CHIRP Sonar Module delivers simultaneous coverage of up to three depth ranges. This can be achieved by connecting the unit to three single-channel transducers or one, dual-channel and one single-channel transducer.

It also means users can now mix and match favorite transducer coverage and simultaneously use wide and narrow beam-widths that will help you identify more fish, detect small, tightly bunched schools of fish and identify thermoclines. CHIRP frequencies can also be adjusted between 28 and 250kHz with a range from 300W up to 3kW to target specific depths and produce big, crisp arches with clear target separation.

Simultaneous split-screen viewing capability puts anglers in control of the water column; while advanced processing technology allows fishing with noise-free clarity at all depth ranges without losing bottom depth tracking.

Simrad S5100 2

The Simrad S5100 can also be used in conjunction with Airmar wide‐angle CHIRP transducers to provide enhanced coverage of the upper water column, which is the perfect set up for targeting pelagic species. Wide-angle transducers are also useful in shallow water, where traditional narrow beam angles offer limited bottom coverage. The wider beam enables you to cover a bigger area, speeding up your search, and also makes individual fish targets easier to identify.

“The Simrad S5100 sonar module brings a new level of high-performance sonar to offshore sport fishing anglers with greater detail and resolution,” Navico CEO, Leif Ottosson, said.

“We are excited to add this serious fishing tool to integrate with Halo Radar, our new autopilot line and the NSS evo3 for when your living depends on finding fish.”

The S5100 features high-speed Ethernet connectivity, making it easy to install anywhere onboard, and is compatible with Simrad NSS evo3 and NSS evo2 multifunction displays as well as NSO evo2 glass-bridge systems and the S2000 series of fish finders.

For more information on the Simrad S5100 visit their website.