by Dom Wiseman

Clarion are a leader in both vehicle and marine audio systems with a long history of producing top tier marine grade audio components. Over several decades, they have shown an unparalleled resilience to the elements. Combined with market leading design and industry leading features, they are the go to for many boat owners looking to add or upgrade their marine audio system.

Their new CM-series line of high-performance, extreme-duty marine-grade speakers, subwoofers and tower speakers have just been released with that benchmark sound quality Clarion has made their own.

With every model in the product line delivering impressive power handling capabilities, Clarion engineered these speakers to lead the class with a massive 200 watt peak power and 80 watt RMS. RMS is a measure of the average output of the speaker over a long period of time.

“The CM-Series is the most powerful, durable and feature-rich line of purpose-built marine-grade speakers we’ve ever created,” said Allen H. Gharapetian, Vice President of Marketing and Product Planning at Clarion Corporation of America. “Much like a fully-equipped yacht, cruiser, sail, or tow boat, our CM-series line of extreme performance speakers boast the perfect blend of uncompromised performance, quality and style. While we spent a tremendous amount of time engineering and testing the CM-series to ensure all models in the line perform and can withstand extreme marine use, we also paid a lot of attention to the aesthetic design of the line. Thanks to the upscale carbon fibre-style look and the novel nautical propeller grill design, included outer grill shells in both silver and black, and RGB LED cone illumination, we are certain that the all-new CM-series will stimulate boaters’ ears as well as their eyes.”

The speaker are rated IP55 which means they have protection from limited dust ingress and protection from low pressure water jets from any direction or what is termed limited ingress protection. On most open boats this provides above average protection for your marine audio equipment.

The speakers feature a sophisticated yet protective carbon fibre-style interior grill with integrated RGB LED cone illumination. RGB illumination delivers the user many colour options as red, green and blue can be combined to create a multitude of different hues. Each speaker set comes with a choice of silver or black outer grills. This is not available on the tower speakers.