by Steve Lague

The popularity of rigid inflatable boats is on the rise in Australia. They are not only being used as tenders for bigger boats but more and more are being used for other recreational uses like fishing, diving and even as day boats.

With this increase in demand we have seen a number of new brands arrive on our shores in recent times. The latest of these is the Italian-made Nuova Jolly that is exclusively available through the Boutique Boat Company.

The Nuova Jolly brand was established in 1969 and has grown to become one of the leading manufacturers in this segment. It offers a full range of rigid inflatables from 5.00 to 13.00 metres but has become best known for its high-end models.

It offers three model ranges the NJ — available in 10 models ranging from 5.3m to 8.5m long; Prince Open – offered in 8 models ranging from 6.4m to 13.0m and the Prince Cabin that comes in five models from 7.0m to 13.0m.

The brand is available in most European countries and is also sold into the US luxury leisure market under the Extreme Inflatables branding.

Initially the Boutique Boat Company, the only dealer with distribution rights in the Southern Hemisphere, has brought in three NJ models – the entry-level 530, 550 and 585 models and the Prince Open 21, also the smallest in the range, and 25 into the country. But all other models can be ordered with a three-month turn around.
seven marine
In Australia all models will come standard with a Yamaha four-stroke outboard engine. They can also be cusomised with a range of options from freshwater showers to fridges available. They can also be ordered in a variety of hull and pontoon colours so they can be individualised to your taste.

In another first in Australia, the upper end models can also be ordered with the US-built Seven outboard engine. Seven, which was founded in 2010, builds the most powerful outboard engines in the world offering two models the 557 and 627 and yes, that is horsepower. Both engines use the same marinised 6.2-litre supercharged small-block V8, managed by GM’s powerful MEFI 6 engine controller.

All Nuova Jolly hulls are fibreglass and have a very deep vee with a large reverse chine that make them suitable for most sea conditions while the large tubes provide the stability.

All tubes are made from Neoprene-Hypalon – a material that offers excellent UV and hydrocarbon resistance.

BoatAdvice had the opportunity to see just how well the design works in Australian conditions when we took the Prince Open 21 for a test drive off Fremantle in WA. We will publish the full review next week.

For more details on the new Nuova Jolly range visit the Boutique Boat Company website.